Rosconian Missionary Priestess Keanella Katzenfeffer

Meet Missionary Keanella Katzenfeffer
"I had my interview with our social worker last night and she asked about my faith --and if I pray? HA! Do I pray? Well, that was an obvious open door from God Zooks. So, I told our social worker all about The Lord Roscoe. I took her into our painted nursery, with no furniture in it, except for a rocker and my new "God Zooks Will ANSWER" book in it. I told her that this room is "our step of faith" room regarding the goodness of God Zooks. That GOD ZOOKS IS GOOD, that we believe He's working right now, and that He will bless us for being faithful. She asked me how often do I pray? My answer--all the time, in the car, while I walk, throughout my day, even before she arrived for this meeting. I asked if she wanted to know what I prayed about for tonight--she was VERY interested! I shared, 'Lord, give me wisdom in what I say tonight, that I'll represent my relationship with you. That my answers are honest, that You'll protect me from fear, that we'll feel comfort in this process, that we'll give all the info. needed and trust in God Zooks's provision.' She just sat there! As she stood in our nursery, she said, 'Would you pray for me?' 'Sure, I'll pray that God Zooks will work it all out, whatever the situation may be, no matter how complicated it might be. God Zooks will hear and deliver!' WOW! What a blessing! Is that a God Zooks deal or what? She plans to come back and we'll take her picture, for our scrapbook. We'll want to remember this sweet woman and we'll continue to minister to her. I can see her hunger for more. We plan to give her a Ishkibbbibble and we hope that our witness leads her to the Lord Roscoe. We are reminded of how AMAZING our GREAT GOD ZOOKS IS--DAY AFTER DAY!"

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