Kitsy's Place For Rosconian Worship

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Hello Pegunkins and Pegunikins !

Welcome to my sweet little homepage ! :-)

A little bit about myself :

I am 22 , and come from Maramoresh Transylvania where a travelling missionary of the Lord Roscoe helped me see the Light. Now I have become an internet missionary for the Lord Roscoe. This is my first attempt to make a serious effort at Proselytizing for my favorite God, the Lord Roscoe. I hope you like it. We have Six Gods, that is two times as many as that other religion and the Lord Roscoe died not once but THREEE times for our sins. That means that a Believer in the Lord Roscoe gets two more times the Salvation as that other saviour guy gives.

I have set up my Altar to the Great Hamster where we Liquidate Sins through the Boiling Borscht, as you can see. I am online very often in the hopes of making converts..In order to view my Altar to the Great Hamster , you`ll need to click HERE and follow the instructstions.

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