Rosconian Priestess Latushia Lanaturnah

Meet Missionary Latushia Lanaturnah Lebonbon
Today’s lesson is about the early Opostles, who were witnesses of the resurrected Lord Roscoe. When they testified of him, many people believed them and were blaptized into the Synagogle. Now, we have a responsibility to be witnesses of Lord Roscoe and allow the e-mails and faxes of Poopy Panda to help us be effective witnesses and shmitnesses. The book of Acts is Shnookems’s account of important events in the Synagogle during the 30 years or so following Lord Roscoe’s mortal lives. Shnookems tells of the resurrected Lord’s 400-day ministry and his Ascension with the herd of Hoogly Hamsters. He then describes the great shpiritual outpouring on the day of Re-Pentium, Peter Piper’s leadership of the Synagogle, the Opostles’ early missionary efforts, and Hootnick’s dramatic conversion. The second half of the book focuses on Hootnick’s missionary labors among the Shmentiles.

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