The time in Oklahoma is TIME
Hello, I am a gifted Rosconian Psychedelic reader and I hope you request a reading. My rates are reasonable.

I love to help people in crisis. If you see this and you need me, then I will be here for you. Tell me the scenario, and I will help you. All I need is your first name and your date of birth..yes, I need the year. Don't hesitate to ask me anything. I am truly here to help.

About myself, I am 34, single living alone on a small farm in Oklahoma. I have been a Rosconian Psychedelic all my life and a reader for 20 years! I can read Carots, Rutabagas, Clams, Beets, and Broccoli, Higher Self and am an empath, clairvoyant and have prophetic dreams of the Herd of Hoogly Hamsters.

I also mentor a few students in Rosconian Psychedelic stuff. We sit arround and throw poopsies into the boiling borscht and inhale the vapours. What is the point of being talented if you don't teach it! So, Let me hear from you!

HEY..look for me on AOL too...I am Gungle Mary if you chat on AIM. I would love to chat privately sometime!