Rosconian Priestess Moana Mooshey

Meet Missionary Moana Mooshey
"The Lord Roscoe Works In Mysterious Ways" The testimony of a Rosconian is very important for their shpiritual growth. By telling others of your life's ups and downs you can encourage others in their shpiritual walks, but more importantly you are free from the trap of guilt and the feeling that the mistakes made were so terrible that no one should know about them. As Rosconians we are to love unconditionally, forgiving as the Great God Mota forgives. We are to rejoice at the salvation of our brothers and sisters, no matter what happened in their past. They have been freed from their eternal damnation by the shedding of Poopsies into the Boiling Borscht. The slate has been wiped clean and the Vat has boiled out. The following is my mute testimony in an oral way. It may not be the most grand of testimonies, but it is mine and I know God Zooks can use it to reach someone. There are parts of my life I have not been proud of and that I am still not proud of, but I am in hopes that this will encourage someone else.

I was brought up in the Lutheran Church. Baptized as an infant and somewhat forced to attend Sunday School every Sunday. There were times that I did not object to going to church and there were times that I did not want to go at all. I learned about all the 'well-known' stories of Jesus and many other things. It wasn't until 6th grade that I heard about the Lord Roscoe from a class mate and a preacher who brought a hamster cage to the school. I remember sitting in my 6th grade School class and having a guest speaker from the high school rosconian youth group. Now this was a really big deal! He was from HIGH SCHOOL!! He talked about his decision to give his life to the Lord Roscoe and the Great God Mota and what that entailed. He also talked about this feeling that he had at the moment he asked the Lord Roscoe into his life. He described it as "tingling" and "fulfilling" as his bippy was completely transformed with the Tickley feet of the Lord Roscoe. He said that all you had to do was pray to the Lord Roscoe to forgive you sins and convert your sines to cosines and ask him to come into your life. Now, being in 6th grade, I was very curious. I wanted to know what it felt like to have my bippy transformed. So I closed my eyes and bowed my head and said "Lord Roscoe, come into my life!" and I sat there and I sat there and I waited and I waited, but I certainly didn't feel my heart being transformed. So, I forgot about it. A few years later, I came to fully understand what it meant to give my life to God Zooks. I went to confirmation camp the summer before my freshman year in high school and had a blast. I was so great learning about the Lord Roscoe. One night, we met for a group event and watched the video for George C. Smithís song, "Hamster in my Pocket". It was at that moment that Lord Roscoeís deaths from natural causes became real to me. It was at that moment that I felt my bippy being transformed. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world. So, thatís it - thatís how I became saved by the Lord Roscoe. Now I want to help Mota fill the Quota and convince other people to also believe in their bippies about the saving work of the Lord Roscoe.
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