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Howdy, ya'll! My name is Bava Bashley, glad you found my website!

I live in Austin, Texas. I have always been a bit bashfull. I remember hiding under my mothers dess, if you know what I mean. But, since high school I found a cause I could believe in- the religion of the Great Hamster. All other religions have never even heard of the Big Bang, but it is part of our hoogly shcripchas, the Ishkibbibble. The Great God Mota made the universe with his Big Bang Machine! Proselytizing to large audiences by means of the internet is a great way to spread the Hoogly Faith System!

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 I suppose you could call me an internet Virginian as my Mother comes from Virginia, Just like the Little Lord Joozis' Mother did.. I mean, I had never even considered doing something this brazen before! My girlfriend Camryn called me and told me all about it and encouraged me the entire way. (Thanks Cam!) This was my first ever Internet Proselytization of any kind. I have never really considered myself to be Preacher material, I still cannot believe that they did! I am flattered and shocked and happy and nervous and...well, you get the idea! ;)

 These are my first, but hopefully not last, Preachings! I am working up the courage to do some really KEWL ones for you people to enjoy. Cannot wait to make you believe in the Lord Roscoe, baby!

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