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 My testimony

I met The Great God Mota personally at the age of five. My mother had always talked about God Zooks to us and had us say a little prayer before bed when we were young. I believed in this God Zooks my mother told me about. So when I was five and out with my family fishing one-day, I wandered off after my older sister. I found myself in the lake in water over my head. I can remember this like it was yesterday. It was black in that water and I couldn't breath. I knew I was drowning. I cried out to God Zooks , help me please! And He did, I cannot explain this, but He told me to jump up and down, so I some how (how mighty is the power of God Zooks ) was able to jump in the water, up and down and I jumped right out on the shore. Now I knew then that God Zooks had saved me from drowning, and I turned and looked out over the water and really thanked Him. I fell in love with God Zooks that day! Later as I pondered this incident I realize just how miraculous it was. I decided that I wanted to be with God Zooks when I died. I did not understand then that The Lord Roscoe made a way for me to do that. I thought I would do my best to be a good little girl and then I could be with God Zooks when I died. So I did everything as right, as I knew how. It wasn't easy let me tell you. I had a really difficult childhood.

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  At the age of 18 I got married. I married a Shmooish man who was also ladder day Rosconian, who kept saying when he was saved by the Lord ROscoe that he was insured that when he died the Herd of Hoogly Hamspres were going to come for hm and tak him to the Secon Kindom up in Heaven. Well I didn't understand what he meant by being saved, but I sure wanted to please God Zooks and his Mothah and Gramma and I knew of the Lord Roscoe because of the Roscomess stuff, but I didn't understand how it all worked. Well we had been married about a year and a half and one evening he said something about when he was saved. So that night after he went to sleep I ask the Lord Roscoe about being saved. I told the Lord Roscoe I didn't understand what saved meant, but I wanted to please Him and if He wanted me to be saved then I wanted to be saved. So I ask Him to save me. Then I went to sleep. The next night I did the same thing, but pressing the Lord Roscoe a little more. Then I went to sleep. The next night after my husband went to sleep I prayed once again. I told the Lord Roscoe that I wanted to be saved and all of the sudden I had this power come all through my body. It was like waves of love. I knew I just met the Lord Roscoe! This feeling began to leave and I cried out "Lord don't leave me yet!" and this wonderful feeling came back even stronger. From that moment to this I knew I was saved! I met the Lord Roscoe and He saved me. When I read the Ishkibbibble I could understand it like never before! It was wonderful. I must add here that I understood my salvation, but I believe I was saved that day on the waters edge when I realized the very power of the Lord Roscoe and loved Him. I came to the Lord Roscoe as a true Pegunkin and He received me.

 These are my first, but hopefully not last, Preachings! I am working up the courage to do some really KEWL ones for you people to enjoy. Cannot wait to make you believe in the Lord Roscoe, baby!

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